Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Consistency and progress

Whether you are just trying to get fitter and lose a bit of weight, or are training for a specific event, consistency with your training and nutrition (and enlisting professional advice) is key. I had a back injury last year - half way though my transformation - and it really threw me off my game! I couldn't train for a while, and because of that I let my eating habits slip. Christmas happened, then summer was incredibly busy with back to back trips away, visitors, weddings and parties.

I did start training again in January and have noticed big strength gains all year, but due to my social calendar I wasn't making any progress with fat loss. I knew this was going to be how it was, so instead of putting unrealistic expectations on myself, I simply did the best I could, didn't skip training and enjoyed having fun! My gym provides free programs from qualified personal trainers, so I have been getting a new program about every 6 weeks. My trainer has also been working in conjunction with my physiotherapist to work out any imbalances and weak spots so I don't get injured again.

I got some advice from a nutritionist on the best macros and calories for my current goals, and have been keeping myself accountable by filling in a food diary EVERY DAY. I think this is one of the most important tools to use if you have a goal, and you can download a fantastic app called My Fitness Pal to help you track everything.

I also make a point of preparing my food in advance. Tracking macros allows you to have flexibility with what you eat, so I also usually plan and prepare my meals the day before and enter them into my fitness pal. This makes it so easy if you want to eat something different or have a treat, as you can easily see where you need to take some calories from to stay on target.

The last 7 weeks have been a lot quieter socially, so I have taken the opportunity to have several alcohol free weeks and focus on my nutrition. I have lost nearly 4kg and am noticing my clothes getting looser again. I'm seeing way more definition in my muscles, and am gaining strength even quicker. It is such a good feeling when all those hours of hard work start to pay off! Losing weight slowly and gaining lean muscle is so important when it comes to keeping the weight off, because your metabolism doesn't slow down like it does with calorie restricted diets. 

You are what you eat! Bring on the body sculpting comp! 

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