Sunday, 28 June 2015

Keeping healthy while travelling

I am often taking trips to Auckland or elsewhere, but that doesn't mean I miss my training or eat crap! I thought I would share a few travel tips.

I always make up some extra green smoothies to take away with me, and a big frittata (either egg white or whole eggs depending on the rest of your food that day). Frittatas are so easy to make and great to travel with. Mini frittatas are also good. If I have time I'll fry up some onion and garlic then add capsicum, broccoli, grated kumara and grated pumpkin. If I'm time poor then a bag of coleslaw mix (no dressing) with some frozen peas chucked in works just as well (not as tasty but sometimes we need easy!) Fill up greased muffin cups or a slice pan then top with egg or egg white and bake in the oven. I take a chilly bag with ice packs and even if I'm staying in more than one place I can pop my un-eaten food in the fridge overnight and re-freeze the ice packs ready to go for the next day of travelling. 

I also take brown rice crackers and small tins of tuna/chop chop chicken, fruit tea, Juice Plus complete sachets, almond milk, oats, pea protein and a bag of raw nuts. I take a fork and spare plastic container so I can mix up salads. An easy salad option is to buy a bag of coleslaw and mix half of it (no dressing) with a tin of tuna in olive oil. Very healthy, cheap and quick. 

If you can't take prepared food, or run out of what you have got, my go to options for cheap/quick meals out are:
  1. Roast chicken subway salad with double meat, low fat dressing and no cheese
  2. Kebab salad (turkish places that sell doner kebabs often offer salads. I usually skip the hummus and get some chilli and garlic sauce)
  3. Eggs on gluten free toast with avocado, spinach and mushrooms
  4. A lot of noodle and don buri places do carb free options with just meat and fresh salad/veges (not that I'm anti carb, but often when we travel it's getting lots of veggies in that can be the hardest!)
  5. Sashimi with salad or 4-5 pieces of sushi
  6. Protein bars. I'm not a huge fan but if the option is between that or a pie/chips/chocolate then a protein bar wins :)
Training wise, it of course depends on what your goals are. Because I'm training for a sculpting comp in 14(!) weeks I can't skip any weight training days. Thankfully most gyms offer FREE 5-7 day trials so it is easy to maintain training. If you're staying in motels/hotels, try choosing ones with gyms. If you're not so into weights, or don't need to train as much, then walking/running outside is FREE and a fantastic way to get some fresh air, vitamin D and explore the place you are staying better. Granted the weather is not always nice though so I always have a rain coat in the car or my suitcase so I have no excuses.

Happy travels x

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